Committee for the Protection of Nature, SHILAP Scientific Project

Application for permits to collect Lepidoptera in Spain for scientific purposes

Applications must abide by the following conditions:

 1.– The Society’s annual fee must be paid before applying for the permits.

 2.– To send an electronic mail the General Secretary of SHILAP, with all the personal data, including name, surname, address, ID card number or Passport number, telephone number (with country code and prefix) and electronic mail address. These data must reach the General Secretary at least 45 days in advance of the foreseen collecting activity.

 3.– The collecting area to be visited by the applicant should also be detailed (province and/or region), expected dates (days, months, or the whole year), collecting method (entomological net, generator, etc.), taxonomical groups of interest to be collected (species, genera, families and/or superfamilies); any other data the applicant wishes to add.

 4.– All members of SHILAP who apply for these permits to collect Lepidoptera in Spain with scientific purposes, will be included in the Scientific Research Project created by the Society and called: “Faúnula Lepidopterológica Ibérica, Baleárica y región Macaronésica”.

5.– In order to contribute to this Scientific Project, it is requested to send to SHILAP, either a copy by electronic mail (e-mail), with the listing of materials collected in EXCEL (- only in this format, please), indicating the Family, Subfamily, Tribe, name of the species (genera, species, author’s name and year), town, UTM (1 X 1) or GPS coordinates, province, dates of capture, collector and numbers of males and females captured (only 5 specimens per taxon and locality, maximum). Please, use only the “Catálogo sistemático y sinonímico de los Lepidoptera de la Península Ibérica, de Ceuta, de Melilla y de las islas Azores, Baleares, Canarias, Madeira y Salvajes (Insecta: Lepidoptera) (A. VIVES MORENO, 2014)”. This list is necessary for this Scientific Project of SHILAP and for new authorizations.

 6.– It’s obligatory to publish in SHILAP Revista de lepidopterología, the new species or subspecies that are discovered and to remit to SHILAP a part of the TYPE material, for later incorporation into the Lepidoptera Collection of the National Museum Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain.

 7.– All members are kindly reminded of the obligation to be duly authorized for collecting Lepidoptera, with scientific purposes, in Spain and that it is forbidden all type of commercial activity, with the captured material.

8.– To know about the scientific aims of SHILAP and to commit to pay the expenses of participation in this Scientific Project, that the Board of Directors considers at any given moment.