New data on Old World Polyorthini. The genus Lopharcha Diakonoff, 1941 recorded from the Canary Islands (Spain) and Tanzania (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)




Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, new species, new records DNA-barcodes, new synonym, Canary Islands, Spain, Tanzania


Dichelia constanti Rebel, 1894 is transferred to the genus Lopharcha Diakonoff, 1941 resulting in the combination Lopharcha constanti (Rebel, 1894) comb. n. Lopharcha africana Aarvik, sp. n. is described from Tanzania. Kanaria Larsen, 2020 is synonymized with Lopharcha Diakonoff, 1941, syn. n. These are the first records of Lopharcha from the Afrotropical region and the western part of the Palaearctic region.


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