Checklist of the Geometridae of the Saur Mountains and adjacent territories (Eastern Kazakhstan) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)




Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Tarbagatai, fauna, entomology, Zaisan, Kazakhstan


A checklist of the Geometridae of the Saur Mountains is presented with 109 species (Ennominae: 29; Geometrinae: 10; Sterrhinae: 23 and Larentiinae: 47).


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Naydenov, A. E., Makhov, I. A., Vasilenko, S. V., & Yakovlev, R. V. (2020). Checklist of the Geometridae of the Saur Mountains and adjacent territories (Eastern Kazakhstan) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). SHILAP Revista De lepidopterología, 48(192), 643–649.




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