Tortricidae from Ethiopia, 4 (Insecta: Lepidoptera)




Insecta, Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, faunistics, new taxa, Ethiopia


Forty species of Tortricidae from North-Western Ethiopia are recorded of which fifteen species are described as new (Eugnosta amharana Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Procrica sinuata Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Metamesia flava Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Clepsis paragongyla Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Epichoristodes fekensae Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Thiopeia chokeana Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Thiodia africana Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Megaherpystis wofwasha Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Megaherpystis valvalobata Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Cosmetra triangularis Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Protancylis secundus Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Thylacandra delimana Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Dracontogena bradiana Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.; Thaumatotibia parimitans Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n., and Thaumatotibia machakelana Razowski & Trematerra, sp. n.). Moreover, the new genus Thiopeia Razowski & Trematerra is described and a new combination of Syntozyga alatheta (Razowski & Trematerra, 2010) comb. n. are reported. Females of Procrica ophiograpta (Meyrick, 1933), Lobesia semosa Diakonoff, 1992, Eccopsis brunneopostica Razowski & Trematerra, 2010, and Parabactra addisalema Razowski & Trematerra, 2018, are described.


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